Nurse Managed Home Care Services in Greater Milwaukee

Advantage Home Care provides care overseen by a licensed nurse care manager, who draws up a plan of recommended care and matches the client with a skilled, companionable care provider.

She checks in regularly with both client and caregiver to ensure that the client’s needs are being met in a safe and caring environment. She communicates with other care providers to ensure that everyone has the support and information they need, to make certain that Advantage’s caregiver is trained to support your client’s care regimen, and to note any changes that need to be made to the plan.

This additional oversight put Advantage in a position to catch changes in the individual’s condition that might otherwise slip past a typical care provider’s notice, either because of lack of training or lack of time.

And because advantage Home Care offers both companion care and CNA care, when the nurse care manager determines that the care plan needs to be adjusted or upgraded, changes can be made without the individual having to switch to a new agency.

In her in-depth needs assessment, Advantage Home Care’s licensed nurse care manager may recommend that an individual be matched with a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), also known as a state-tested nurse aide, who will provide companionship as well as important services that can add to the quality of life.


CNAs have been trained to safely perform complex and important tasks, such as watching for and reporting changes in their clients’ conditions. They work with other care providers, such as doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, to keep therapy on track.

To receive their certification, CNAs are trained and tested across a range of nursing and psychosocial care skills, as well as in communications, client rights, and the role the nurse aide plays as a member of the health care team.

Advantage Home Care holds its CNAs to a standard of skill, compassion, and professionalism unmatched by any home care agency in the area. If they require additional training beyond what they received in school or their previous jobs, then they get it hands-on from the nurses at the helm of Advantage Home Care.

A CNA can help with…

• Bathing and dressing
• Medication setup and monitoring
• Tube feeding
• Range of motion exercises
• Safe assistance with mobility devices
• Denture care and oral hygiene
• Getting ready for bed
• Getting you safely into tubs, showers and shower chairs
• Keeping you on track with your physical therapy
• Moving you safely between chair, wheelchair, or bed

• Skin, hair and nail care
• Colostomy care
• Monitoring bowel routine
• Prevention of blisters and bedsores
• Diabetes care
• Assistance with swallowing guidelines
• Monitoring vital signs and oxygen use
• Urinary catheter care
• Hoyer lift and EZ Stand lift operation
• Minor wound care

If you are looking for senior home care in the Menomonee Falls & Greater Milwaukee area, we can help!