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There’s Something Special About Mary

We’ve all encountered people in our lives who somehow always leave you in a better state of heart and mind, and for us, that person is Mary.

Advantage Home Care has been present in Mary’s life for the past 12 years, caring for her as she ages in her home. Surrounded by the comforts of her home and her beloved memories, Mary has thrived beautifully up to her present age of 99.

Mary was born 7/28/18 in Boston, and came from a family of 6 children. She often told stories of living through the depression, and how her father fished to put food on the table. Brown bread and Boston baked beans were common.

Her family home burned in a large Boston fire, and the only salvageable item was her Mother’s wedding dress. Her family moved to Milwaukee, and Mary went to State Teachers College. She taught 2nd grade at Cumberland School in Whitefish Bay for 20 years.

Mary married later in life, to Fred Dohmen. Her life changed at this time, and travel became a huge part of her and Fred’s life. They travelled all over the world, with Africa being a favorite for her. Her home is filled with photos of her adventures. She also became the Step-Mother to Bill and Bob Dohmen.

As Mary aged, her care needs have changed. In the beginning, Advantage shopped, did laundry and drove Mary to appointments. When Dementia progressed for Mary, more care was put in place for her with showers and medication management. Because Advantage Home Care provides a Nurse to oversee every senior at home, Mary’s changing health needs were always managed quickly and safely.

One of the loveliest things about visiting Mary is her warm heart. To this very day, she is heartfelt when she asks about others, and is sincere in her request to know how you really are doing. We all feel supremely blessed to have Mary in our lives.

Next year, Mary will turn 100! Mary was a teacher of 2nd graders, but for many of us at Advantage Home Care, Mary has been “our teacher”. She has taught us all what is truly important.