A Day In The Life Of A Caregiver

Do you wonder what happens on a day to day basis while caregiving for a loved one? Here is a snapshot of one of our caregivers, lovingly caring for her client, Mary.

Nan, our caregiver, comes to Mary’s home every morning and stays until after dinner. If Mary is sleeping, she lets her be until it’s time for breakfast. Breakfast is made with Mary’s dietary needs in mind. Mary loves Nan’s cooking, as everything is homemade.

Breakfast may be oatmeal with strawberries and whipped cream, or scrambled eggs.

After breakfast, Mary receives her shower and is dressed for the day. At this time, Nan does some strengthening exercises for Mary’s arms and legs.

Mary loves to read, so the newspaper is delivered daily to her home. Current events are her favorite topics. After reading, Mary likes to go outside if the weather is warm. Since the winters are long here, and Mary loves the sunshine, Nan is sure to get some rays for Mary. Usually, by then, it’s time for another meal, so another homemade lunch will be prepared by Nan. Pumpkin soup is a favorite of Mary’s, along with chicken salad and crackers.

Mary loves to take an afternoon nap to recharge. After her nap, it’s time for Scrabble. Mary was a teacher, so words are a strength of hers. She loves the game and reminiscing about the past. Nan is familiar with Mary’s past, and many discussions center around her life.

Dinner is made by Nan, which may be Shepherds Pie, or turkey and mashed potatoes. After dinner, Mary’s favorite TV shows are viewed. They both love watching Mary’s shows. Mary’s son visits often, and the three of them enjoy this family time.

Nan assists Mary with her nighttime routine of washing up and getting ready for sleep.

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