Dementia Care

People with dementia can live in their home as long as safety measures are in place.

With Advantage Home Care’s Nurse Care Manager’s ongoing assessments of you or your loved one’s dementia status, you will be assured of a comfortable and continued safe environment in their home.

dementia care

Dementia Home Care

Our nurse will provide ongoing assessments of the following areas:

  • Cognitive Health
  • Physical Health
  • Physical Functioning
  • Behavioral Status
  • Sensory Capabilities
  • Decision making capacity
  • Communication abilities
  • Personal Background
  • Cultural preferences
  • Spiritual Needs

Our person centered care directs our nurse to develop strategies that are unique to each individual that we assist.

This customized plan of care that is fluid and as unique as the person is our method to provide the best possible outcome for safe and harmonious care.