Senior Diabetes Care

The Elderly are increasingly comprising a larger proportion of newly diagnosed diabetes. Managing type 2 Diabetes in the Elderly is difficult because

of complex medical issues.  Understanding the special dynamics of geriatric patients will aid in the optimum management of their Diabetes.

Overall goals should aim at reduction of all cardiovascular risk factors, smoking cessation, improvement in exercise, elimination of obesity and optimal control of hypertension.

Ideal geriatric care requires a multidisciplinary approach.  Successful diabetes care in the aging population requires an understanding of the physiology of aging, recognition of the special issues facing the elderly and interaction with geriatricians, diabetologists, pharmacists, social workers and dieticians to ensure the most efficacious treatment.  Advantage Home Care’s Nurse Care Manager is  an integral part of this multi-disciplinary approach to obtain the most successful outcomes for you or your loved one.