For many older adults, the ability to remain independent in their home depends on the ability to manage a complicated medication regimen.

Nurse interventions that assist older adults in managing their medications can prevent unnecessary, costly nursing home admissions, hospitalizations and emergency room visits, as well as increase the quality of their lives.

The assessments and interventions listed below will improve outcomes for safe medication management.

Medication Reconciliation: Pharmacy and MD review

Medication Procurement: Accuracy in filling and refilling scripts

Medication knowledge: Patient education of medications

Physical Ability: Assess vision, manual dexterity

– Cognitive Capacity: Assess cognitive and use memory cues

Intentional Nonadherence: Assess for compliance

Ongoing Monitoring

Nurse Care Management of you or your loved one can provide a comprehensive assessment and implement interventions to assist in the accurate and safe management of medications.  This cost effective care will increase the quality of life of older adults struggling to manage their often complex medication regimens.

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