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A Day In The Life Of A Caregiver

Do you wonder what happens on a day to day basis while caregiving for a loved one? Here is a snapshot of one of our caregivers, lovingly caring for her client, Mary. Nan, our caregiver, comes to Mary’s home every morning and stays until after dinner. If Mary is sleeping, she lets her be until […]

Spontaneously Fermented Sparkling Apple Cider

Here’s what you need: *organic apples *a juicer *swing top bottles or quart size Mason jars/lid First, juice the apples, skin, peels stems and all! As long as your apples are organic and have not been sprayed, you don’t even need to wash them. Transfer the fresh pressed juice to swing top bottles or Mason […]

13 Years and Counting!

Advantage Home Care has been in business for 14 years and here we are-celebrating 3 of our employees that have been with us for 13 years! Over the years, Pat, Cathy and Ferida have brought so much joy and love to our seniors. These lovely ladies dedicate their days to enhancing the lives of those […]

Did Your Grandmother Make Beet Kvass?

Fermenting food is all the rage now, but it really is as old as humanity. Preserving foods, making them more digestible and more nutritious, is an artisanal process that can’t be beat for enhancing the living structure of our foods. Fermented foods carry beneficial probiotic bacteria directly into our digestive systems, where they replenish and […]