senior home care

Senior Home Care Services- Family Is The Highest Priority

Family comes first. You grew up believing that statement, it’s the principle you’ve aspired to live up to your entire life, and it’s a value you’ve instilled in your children. Now, when a loved one needs additional support, how do you ensure that the care is there? Advantage Home Care takes pride in matching each client with a in-home caregiver who is CNA under the supervision of a state registered nurse care manager.

Your In Home Senior Care Choices

  • Asking family can work if everyone lives nearby and isn’t torn among responsibilities to immediate family and jobs. Even when families make it work on their own, they often worry about the quality of care they are able to provide as lay people.
  • Enlisting friends is an option for families with strong support communities, as long as the people who step forward to help have the skills or training to provide the type of care needed, so that important needs don’t escape notice and nobody faces a liability risk.
  • Hiring someone opens up options, ranging from agencies that provide untrained home companions to Medicare agencies that provide licensed specialists to perform specific medical functions. Companion care agencies keep people company and help around the house. Medicare agencies provide specialized medical care as nurses or therapists make their rounds of house calls.

Elder Care: A Loving Choice That Helps Your Whole Family

Only one agency, Advantage Home Care, provides a level of elder care that families, friends, and home companion agencies can’t provide and a continuity of relationship that Medicare agencies are usually too busy to provide. Let our senior helpers give your loved one the care they deserve.