Overnight Care Throughout Greater Milwaukee & Southeast Wisconsin

Advantage Home Care can provide you or a loved one with overnight care for safety and assistance by a skilled and caring companion. Have the peace of mind of knowing overnight in-home help is available for using the bathroom, personal hygiene care, dressing and undressing, getting safely in and out of bed, medication management & providing snacks and liquids.  Your overnight companion sleeps over and is available a few times during the night for assistance.

Your overnight companion is overseen by a licensed nurse care manager who will draw up a plan of care based on individual needs and will check in to ensure these needs are being met in a safe and caring environment.

What Does Overnight Care Cost?

Rates are:

$24.00 an hour for 8 hours on weeknights if assistance is needed more than 2 times a night.

$26.00 an hour for 8 hours on weekend nights if assistance is needed more than 2 times a night.

$19.00 an hour for 8 hours at night if assistance is needed 2 times a night or less.

overnight care milwaukee

Examples of What an Overnight Companion Can Help With:

• Bathing and dressing
• Medication monitoring
• Denture care and oral hygiene
• Getting ready for bed
• Snacks and liquids
• Moving safely to and from bed

overnight care milwaukee

Please call us for for more information at 262-432-4663 or Contact Us Online below & we will reach out to you shortly.