In-Home Senior Care Services in Milwaukee

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At Advantage Home Care, we provide seniors in the Milwaukee area with comfortable in-home assistance to accommodate a wide variety of needs. We provide aging in place home services in milwaukee to provide your loved ones with a sense of independence while being cared for.

Advantages of In-Home Care vs. A Nursing Home

As your parents get older and require more assistance, you may start to wonder whether you should move them into an assisted living facility or provide them in in-home assistance.

In Home Elderly care services offer your loved ones with a comfortable, familiar environment surrounded by lifelong, happy memories. This familiarity of “home” can help your parents cope with the new changes in their lives more easily.

Providing an in home caregiver to your aging parents can help them navigate their homes safely and receive the care that wouldn’t be available without the help of a health care professional.

In addition to a familiar environment, your  parents will interact with only a few care givers which will provide an additional level of comfort for them.  In a nursing home or assisted living home, your loved ones may see a handful of staff members a day which can cause confusion, and make communication and the detection of early symptoms of disease more difficult.

Why Choose Advantage Home Care?

At Advantage Home Care, we provide a level of care that families, friends, and home companion agencies can’t provide, and a continuity of relationship that Medicare agencies are usually too busy to provide. The difference is our companion services and nurse care management.

Companion Services in Milwaukee

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Our companion senior home care services in Milwaukee provide your loved ones with a compassionate caregiver who keep them in good spirits, and help lighten the load of others providing for them.

Companion service includes taking your loved one on walks, keeping their brain active with conversation, reading and card games, as well as light housekeeping and help with day-to-day business.

Our Companion Services are not limited to in-home care. We also provide companion services to those already living in assisted living homes and those in a long-term care facility.

Nurse Care Management in Milwaukee

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Our care is overseen by a licensed nurse care manager who draws up a plan of recommended care and matches a companionable care provider with your loved one.

Our Nurse Care manager regularly checks in with your loved one and the care giver to ensure needs are being met in a safe and caring environment. This provides an extra layer of checks-and-balances that put us in a position to potentially catch changes in your loved one’s behavior or condition that could be missed due to lack of training or time (or both!)

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